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Spotlight on Karin Baine & From Fling to Wedding Ring!

This week's Spotlight on Author is on Karin Baine and her latest release, From Fling to Wedding Ring! 

You can find Karin here:


Take time out and be good to yourself. It can be as simple as a long soak in the bath or making a start on that pile of books you've been meaning to read but have something to look forward to at the end of a hard day. Self-care is important.


We all have moments of self-pity where we convince ourselves no one cares about us but often those people we haven't heard from are simply going through a hard time of their own. If you haven't heard from someone in a while reach out to them instead of waiting to be contacted.


To all the medical staff around the world, I salute you for your dedication and the difference you make to other's lives.

From Fling to Wedding Ring (Harlequin Medical Romance)

She thinks she wants no strings…

Can sexy surgeon Ben change her mind?

Nurse Mollie Forrester has a reputation as an ice queen, and the scars from a childhood accident have convinced her no man could love her. When she’s paired with handsome surgeon Ben Sheridan in a dance competition, Mollie discovers he’s not the playboy everyone thinks he is. She finds passion in his arms—but can Ben persuade Mollie she’s worthy of love?

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Spotlight on Jane Godman & Colton and the Single Mom

This week our Spotlight on Author is on: Jane Godman. She has a new book out, 

Colton and the Single Mom (The Coltons of Red Ridge).

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A "new to me" author that I'm really enjoying is Melinda Leigh. I've read the first two books in her Morgan Dane series and am just about to start the third. I also have to recommend "Killer Secrets" by my fellow Harlequin Romantic Suspense author, Marilyn Pappano. Chilling! 


After the news stories recently about Facebook and data, I checked how many apps were linked to my account. There were 54! I honestly don't remember using most of them. I went through and deleted them, but it was quite an eye-opener to realise that so many external businesses had access to my data.


I'm always very open about the fact that I have a brain tumour. I tell people about it to give them the message that, no matter what life throws your way, you should go for your goals. Climb the mountain, run the marathon, paint the picture…write the book.
I'm lucky. My tumour is low-grade and slow-growing, but I have a wonderful team of people who care for me, both within my family and in the medical profession. They are my heroes.   

Colton and the Single Mom (The Coltons of Red Ridge)

This Colton cop falls for a ready-made family
A Coltons of Red Ridge story

A serial killer is on the loose, and true-crime filmmaker Esmée da Costa is on the case. K-9 cop Brayden Colton, the prime suspect’s half brother, works hard to stop her prying, but sparks fly as he falls for Esmée and her son. When Esmée and Brayden’s little family comes under siege, can they save all they love?

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